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chakra mist
Holy Shift Chakra Mist

Holy shift was inspired to help shift through energies/vibrations/belief systems/patterns and balance the chakras to bring you back to your truest essence of love. Clear negativity, ground yourself in the loving and positive energies of...

Green turquoise mala with snow crystalGreen turquoise mala with snow crystal
Turquoise 108 Bead Mala with Snow Crystal Guru Bead

Gorgeous 10mm Turquoise Bead Mala with Snow Crystal Guru Bead.  This green-toned Turquoise provides support against stress, tiredness and anger effects. It can amplify your personal power to help you overcome challenges and was often used as a...

Double Dorje sacred geometry pendantDouble Dorje sacred geometry pendant
Vishvavajra Sacred Geometry Pendant

A double Dorje, or vishvavajra, are two Dorjes connected to form a cross. Vishvavajra represents the principle of absolute stability, characterized by the solidity of the element earth. The raised wooden throne on which the Dalai Lamas...

Flower of Life in Bright Pink and Blue Sacred Geometry Pendant
Flower of Life in Bright Pink and Blue Sacred Geometry Pendant

The Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures, both ancient and modern. Within this symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe (Platonic Solids). The Flower of...

Abundance Candle / Ritual Candle / Intention CandleAbundance Candle / Ritual Candle / Intention Candle
    Abundance Candle / Ritual Candle / Intention Candle

    This powerful intention candle is for the purpose of abundance in one's life, specifically in the monetary form. It is to be lit with love and gratitude focusing on the blessings you would be grateful...

    Metatron's Cube Sacred Geometry PendantMetatron's Cube Sacred Geometry Pendant
    Metatron's Cube Sacred Geometry Pendant

    Metatron’s Cube - Mythically speaking, Metatron was originally human, elevated to archangel by God for his services as scribe. He was considered to be the foremost communicator between humans and the divine. Metatron is best...

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