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The Sacred Geometry Series: Metatron’s Cube

July 2021 | Admin

Known for the elegant complexity of its geometric figure, Metatron’s Cube is sacred to many. It’s believed to inspire a higher understanding of the universe, and is said to offer not only healing and protection but greater balance and harmony as well.

Metatron’s Cube has also been the inspiration for many artistic masterpieces around the world. From paintings and architecture to jewelry and fashion, it’s favored by all manner of creators. Meditating upon Metatron’s Cube is a common practice as well, due to the healing and transformative properties that many experience with this sacred geometric shape.


Metatrons cube sacred geometry

In sacred geometry, Metatron’s Cube is a figure that contains the five most common shapes found in nature called the Platonic Solids. These shapes are considered to be the foundation of everything in the universe. In ancient Greece, the building blocks of Metatron’s Cube were associated with the five elements and said to be the blueprints of all creation.

In other words, Metatron’s Cube is a sacred form that contains all of the geometric figures of creation–it represents the patterns that make up everything within the external universe of our world and the internal universe of our consciousness.

It’s said that the Archangel Metatron oversees these patterns and flows of energy within the sacred shape of Metatron’s Cube. This duty is connected to Metatron’s work as the overseer of the Tree of Life in the Jewish mystic traditions of Kabbalah. As the angel of life, Metatron circulates creative energies down from the top–or crown–of the Tree and all throughout the branches of the universe.


Metatron's cube pendant


Metatron’s Cube is closely tied with sacred geometry, which has influenced many philosophers and scholars throughout history. Derived from the Greek words for earth (“geo”) and to measure (“metron”), geometry is a term that refers to the study of shapes and the mathematical patterns that are found in nature.

According to historians, the practice of sacred geometry has roots in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Greece to name a few.

Traditionally, it was a scholarly art that was restricted to priests and it was therefore considered sacred. Many believed that everything in the universe was created according to a geometric plan, and that the study of sacred geometry would reveal all the secrets of creation.

Metatron’s Cube is a figure that’s highly regarded as containing all geometric shapes and patterns that exist in the universe, due to its sacred makeup of the Platonic Solids. From the perfect shape of honeycomb to the intricate double helix of DNA, geometric patterns shape the nature of our world and heavenly bodies alike.  



While it’s difficult to understand the many intangible aspects of life and the universe, many call upon Metatron’s Cube for guidance and inspiration to heal and transform themselves:

  • Creation and Creativity – Because Metatron’s Cube is charged with creative energy, it can be a powerful talisman to help inspire new projects, fuel artistic hobbies, or even start a family. This sacred shape is regarded to hold the very map of creation, and can be very effective in revealing inner knowledge and boosting creativity.
  • Balance and Harmony – As a symbol of sacred geometry, the mathematical elegance of Metatron’s Cube invokes a sense of both balance and harmony just like the patterns that connect it to the foundation of the universe itself. Each shape and line unites with the next, connecting all within. Some even consider the circles within Metatron’s Cube to represent the feminine, while the lines symbolize the masculine.
  • Healing and Protection – Many practitioners invoke Metatron’s Cube for guidance, protection, and healing. Metatron is the highest of angels and the guardian of heavenly secrets, as well as divine mediator with humanity. Said to dispel negative energy and attract positive forces, this sacred shape is a wonderful meditative instrument to help us throughout our lives.

A powerful tool for personal transformation, many like to keep Metatron’s Cube close in the form of jewelry or household art. 

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