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The Sacred Geometry Series: Flower of Life

July 2021 | Admin

Beautiful patterns of overlapping circles have appeared across the world for thousands of years. The Flower of Life is one such pattern in sacred geometry, which represents that all of life is connected by a divine language of mathematics.

These sacred shapes are at the foundation of all creation, and the Flower of Life is one that symbolizes the very cycle of creation itself. Many invoke its power to help transform their lives and achieve their dreams. The Flower of Life is also said to be a powerful energy amplifier.


As a symbol of creation, the Flower of Life is made up of both feminine and masculine energies. The curves within the pattern are feminine, while the points within it are masculine. The Flower of Life is a geometric representation of the oneness of all life and consciousness, which arises from a single source (depicted as the first circle in the pattern).

It’s said that the many circles are identical to the process of cell division, and that therefore the Flower of Life represents divine creation. Some scholars believe that the pattern’s name, “Flower of Life”, does not stem from flower imagery but rather from the life cycle of a fruiting tree. It reveals the fruitful flowing of life from the source itself, and shows how energy expands from the unified spirit’s one central point to become the universe itself.



Flower of Life Pendant


Patterns of overlapping circles have appeared in historical artifacts from the 7th century BCE and onward. They were frequently used as ornaments during the Roman Empire, and went on to appear in medieval art of both the Islamic and Gothic traditions.

The Flower of Life is one such pattern of overlapping, concentric, and equal circles. It’s said that this sacred geometric shape contains the secrets of the universe, which has enchanted mystic scholars and artists for thousands of years. It’s possible that the earliest record of the Flower of Life appears on the alabaster steps of King Ashurbanipal’s palace from the Neo-Assyrian Empire, which has been dated back to 645 BCE.

Many spiritual and sacred geometric figures are connected to the Flower of Life. In Kabbalah, for example, the Tree of Life contains a familiar pattern of concentric circles. The great Leonardo da Vinci is even said to have studied the Flower of Life and derived the golden ratio of phi from its sacred mathematical figure.


There are many reasons to call upon the Flower of Life to catalyze change, both external and internal:

  • Manifestation and Creation – As a symbol of creation, it’s said that this sacred shape invokes the power to manifest dreams into reality. It can be used to enhance success and encourage a flourishing life, especially with money and good fortune.
  • Amplifying and Directing Energy – The Flower of Life is charged with energy that stems from the very foundation of the universe. This makes it an incredible amplifier, and it can be used to generate, connect, direct, and clear energy depending on your specific purpose and intent.
  • Balance and Healing – This pattern is not only beautiful in its divine symmetry, but it’s also perfectly balanced and thus perfectly balancing. The Flower of Life can be used to bring balance and healing to our energies. Some believe that the masculine shapes in the pattern help us advance our energy, while the feminine shapes help us receive energy. It’s even said that the Flower of Life can help repair our energy through its balancing properties, thus creating an easier path to recovery from disease, allergies, and immune system issues so that medical treatment is even more effective.
Flower of Life with Isis Pendant

Choose any one of our Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Pendants from our online store that resonates with you to support generating and/or transforming any area of your life that you are working on.  Use the flower of life pendant as part of a meditation practice and wear it close to your body, as a reminder and a symbol for what you are wanting to create!



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