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A Guide to Sacred Geometry

July 2021 | Admin

When we take a moment to pause and truly observe the world around us, it’s strikingly clear that we are surrounded by patterns. They form the foundational structure of the universe and the fundamentals of life itself, ruling both the physical and metaphysical. Built upon a beautiful language of mathematics, these geometric archetypes symbolize the connection between all things. In a word, sacred geometry embodies oneness, where untapped power and transformation lies.


Teachings around the world describe sacred geometry as the genesis and blueprint of all creation–the origins of form itself. Sacred geometry is an ancient study and practice that both explores and seeks to explain the patterns of energy that build and connect all things. In sacred geometry, it is said that anything and everything originates with geometric shapes.

These mathematic codes are in the molecules of our DNA, the branches of our lungs, the snowflakes in our skies, the shells on our beaches, the stars and the galaxy that we make our home in, the very air that sustains us. All forms of life are created from the architecture of sacred geometry.

The building blocks of sacred geometry are composed of five key shapes called the Platonic Solids. Taught as the foundation of the universe in Greek Mystery Schools over 2,500 years ago, the Platonic Solids are as relevant today as they were millennia ago. Each Platonic Solid contains the same number of faces meeting at every vertex. They are composed of the:


  1. Tetrahedron (four faces)  
  2. Hexahedron (six faces)
  3. Octahedron (eight faces)
  4. Dodecahedron (twelve faces)
  5. Icosahedron (twenty faces)



The philosophy that a higher power created the universe with a geometric plan is not a new one, and in fact has very ancient origins. According to historian and philosopher Plutarch, this belief can be traced back to Plato. It was in Plutarch’s Convivialium disputationum (liber 8,2) that he wrote, “Plato said God geometrizes continually”. However, it’s important to note that Plato was trained in the arts of Persian Zoroastrianism, and it is likely his beliefs about sacred geometry were based on Persian Old Wisdom philosophy.

In the modern era, influential mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss adapted this quote by saying, “God arithmetizes”. Scientists and philosophers alike have observed the geometric foundations of the cosmos, the planet and even our bodies for thousands of years, and continue to do so today.


Within these mathematic codes and patterns lie the symbols of our spiritual realm and the very codex to self-awareness and a higher consciousness. We can use sacred geometry to reach greater unity with ourselves, the people around us, and the world we live in. Because it underlies each aspect of the universe, we can even use sacred geometry to amplify our connection to both body and spirit. It gives us a path to create harmony in our lives and within ourselves.

By using the mathematic figures of sacred geometry, we can find healing and transformation in our meditations. When we let it, sacred geometry can take us on a journey of awakening and open the doors to infinite realms.

Ultimately, these sacred geometric figures can return us to our true selves,

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completely in balance and in harmony with both our inner and outer universe. Each pattern has a unique vibration, allowing us to attune and align with its sacred intention. When we visualize and call upon these shapes in healing or meditation, they can catalyze an energic shift in our spirit and consciousness–thus creating a return to equilibrium and a path to healing.

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